Sangini has been working directly with victims of gender-based violence, especially in their homes since 17 years. It provides legal aid, immediate rescue and referring the victims to police and short stay homes and other services. Sangini has own expert team of lawyer, counsellors and case workers. At present Sangini has presence in 40 slums of Bhopal in terms of its direct community intervention and developing leadership of community women and girls to end violence against women.

It is part of various women national and state level networks for the advocacy purpose. It has an in-depth understanding, commitment and expertise of working with women and girls since 17 years as it’s a women’s organization and gender resource centre. It works in overall development and empowerment of women and girl.

Women Domestic Workers Forum has been facilitated by Sangini in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The forum were registered in 2011, currently there are around 24,000 members from 40 slum areas of Bhopal. Sangini developed 500 women domestic workers as leaders who are raising their voices against human rights violation.

In Madhya Pradesh Intensive work is going on in the city of Bhopal with government and private bodies for formation and effective implementation of internal/external complaints committee. We are doing intensive monitoring, facilitation to various committee, outreach programme and training of external/internal committee members including advocacy with government, institutions, media, NGOs and other stakeholders.

We are working with young girls gaining from experience of previous work in Sehore and Bhopal and have made them aware on several crucial issues related to their safety like human trafficking, child labour, child marriages, domestic violence and gender discrimination. They are also being informed on how to make linkages with government departments for their community problems which are specifically associated with their safety and health issues.

Young girls were selected as volunteer/leaders and formed a group named Kishori Yuva Manch. Public dbetween women, girls and police officers, parents circle meetings were organized, help desks were created with inviting various resource persons, trainings and awareness camps organized on various issues. Sangini has conducted various campaigns, study, capacity building programmes, networking, publication and information and dissemination to end violence against women’s and girls.

Due to impact of Covid-19 women and girls from the marginalized community who are economically and socially deprived are facing domestic violence within the family and sexual harassment at workplace, violating their rights.