Sangini works towards women and girls bringing from different section of society, especially dalit, tribal, minorities and marginalized communities as a partner, contributing to the creation of Gender just society. To inspire and equip the deprived to be self-reliant and to ensure equal opportunities for our concerned section of society by capacity building.


Sangini, as a gender resource centre, will work towards bringing women and girls from different sections of society, especially dalit and tribal and from minority community as partners in working towards a gender just society.


  • To facilitate civil societies’ action and government programmes across the state to bring their attention against the violation of women and girls rights.
  • Prevention, protection and early intervention in the cases of violence, discrimination, sexual harassment and other related mental and physical violation of rights of women and girls.
  • To build collaboration with the regional, national, and international level of women and girls groups, NGOs, academies, media person to advocate the issues of violence against women and girls
  • To build the capacity and leadership of women and girls from marginalized community where they can support to other women and girls when needed.

To bridge the critical knowledge gap about the information through various studies, researches, workshops, trainings, IEC, and the welfare schemes of government running by state as well as central government.