16 Days of Activism

16 days of activism, a campaign #Orange the World – Generation Equality # Stand againist Rape#, supported by UN women, started from November 25 (International Violence against Women Day) and ended on December 10, 2019.

The activism was organised in various communities of Bhopal on the issues of stand against rape. The campaign was organized in Kolar, Piplani, Bagmugaliya, Ravi Shankar nagar, Govindpura, Rup Nagar, 12 no. , sai baba nagar, naya basera, Om nagar, Panchsheel , Anna Nagar with women, girls and boys in which we have done meetings, sessions and played a game of snack and ladder on the issue of rape. Through this campaign we have discussed on the role of men’s and boys to protect and prevent women’s from the violence.

25th November 2019 – International Violence against Women Day

Sangini organized one day workshop on stand against rape on 25th November, 2019 in which 80 domestic workers participated from baba nagar, sai baba nagar,Damkheda A and Damkheda B sector, Chunna Bhatti, Shahpura and other community of Bhopal. We have a discussion and signature campaign on the issues of violence and rape with these women’s domestic workers.
Campaign on Stand against Rape at community:

26th November 2019 – Damkheda, Bagmugalia with women and girls
27th November 2019 – Bagmugalia womens and girls
28th November 2019 – Bagmugalia, Om Nagar, Meera Nagar
29th November 2019 – Piplani womens
30th November 2019 – With volunteers at Sangini office
01st December 2019 – Board Club
03rd December 2019 – Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Sangini team participated in the program organized by “Bhopal sahyogini trust” in which Sangini team have introduced their work. 35 years have been completed of Bhopal gas tradedy where lot of people died and lots of women got widows who are suffering till date due to health issues and lack of breadearner in the family. Sangini team shared the various interventions done by Sangini on women’s issue at Bhopal to the present participants in the programe.

03rd December 2019 – Bagmugalia
04th December 2019 – Piplani boys and women
05th December 2019 – Naya Basera, 12 No., Damkheda, Bagmugalia women, girls and boys
06th December 2019 – Naya Basera, Mandava girls
07th December 2019 – Naya Basera, Piplani, Anna Nagar womens
10th December 2019 – Human Rights Day

A meeting was organized at bagmugalia with domestic workers regarding their rights and responsibilities and the issues of rape in the community.

The Domestic Workers shared their issues of not getting Holiday, salary being deducted even they take one leave as well, employees behaving in a rude manner, expelling from work without proper notice ,employing other domestic workers who are ready to work in less money.