Leadership Development Training of Domestic Workers

To build initial leadership of domestic workers we have conducted trainings on constitution and human rights in which we have trained 100 domestic workers including adolescent girls from the community to create basic understanding on the issues. The training was given by Mrs. Asha Pathak Social Activist with Expertise on Constitution and its fundamental rights with its practical implications. 3 batches of training were conducted on (2nd and 3rd August 2019; 06 and 07 August, 2019 ; 25 and 26 September 2019 ).

The training was conducted to improve knowledge and attitude of domestic worker and become more skilled and confident in terms of sustainability. And these women’s will provide support and make legal assistance to the domestic workers in cases of violations of human right. They can also negotiate with the different government department towards their rights and entitlement and work with other NGOs, media, and groups for their empowerment.