Training on Gender Based Violence

To build the leadership among the community women’s we have given the training on Gender based Violence to 100 Domestic workers and adolescent girls. The Resource person for the training was Mrs.Asha Pathak a Trainer.

The training was conducted in 3 batches on 18 and 19 September; 11 and 12 October 2019; and 13 and 14 November 2019) to understand how gender is playing the role of curtailing the rights of women specifically, its impact on girls and women’s health, work and son preference in society. Information was received on Menstruation related hygiene issues and how the sex of the child is decided and women should not be blamed for it.

Women shared their personal experience of violence inflicted on them by their husband and family members and how they have acted as a catalyst in fighting cases of domestic violence and these women’s also helping other Women’s in Community.

After attending this training women resisted such violence and even protected themselves by saying “no” to such violence’s and even counter attacking in case of physical battering by husband. Positive Communication with Mother in law facilitated the process of increasing mobility and now this woman is able to attend meetings organized by Sangini.